A 25 million Man Dynam Olm Real was built for 1,000,000


Market, but rights: Bar gave 25,000,000 to Dynamo Olm, Real built for 1,000,000

We are often used, the word "market", when we talk about an interim time, but conventions do not usually look right … Drinks. But, when something is really demanding, the nobles will take away the white dish and their pants. start fighting for their own. As a French Team It gives an interesting inscription from the football market with the claim that Barcelona and Real have begun to; move around Dynamo Danija OlmaSouth Westerly

The Spanish young sportsman has been one of the best European players for a long time, Milan was told that Milan would be willing to pay € 20,000,000 for his services – with all bonuses – Valencia was interested, but all had to be removed when the Spanish giant was involved in the race.

They will naturally put their hands at Maksimir, a & # 39; Understand that the total amount exceeds the most expensive projections, and well advanced is the Blue End Olm's The price names added 25,000,000 euros.

When is that – Seo Barca! Team says that she has already sent MIA to Zagreb over the transferee, she is ready to pay. And immediately the reply from Madrid. The case caused Dynamo to bring 26 million to him Olma, 1,000,000 plus Bar.

It's just started, we'll see what comes out. Even earlier, it was & # 39; Explain that both Manchester City and Bayern follow the position from the screen. Pep Guardiola It seems to have been released and tried to play the Dinamo with Spartak game from the Europa League. There are also Olympics from Marseilles with Antoni Zubizaret, he knows Olma as long as he was a student at La Masia Bar. Then he did not get a chance in Barcelona and went to Zagreb at the age of 16 … and he did not regret.

(PHOTO: Reuters)

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