A 3-year-old girl was diagnosed with breast cancer


The child's mother began to identify strange things in her daughter's body, and he gave her to the doctor. This is the first case breast cancer in a girl.

An breast cancer The disease is to suffer a & # 39; Most women have 80% of cases in women over 50 years. It is the suggestion of the experts that annual control has been carried out after 30 years.

Now, there has been a very strong case. It was confirmed that a three year old daughter was breast cancer. The Chinese girl, named Yanyana, was taken to hospital with her mother, after she had an awareness of complete red points on the child's shirt. As the days passed, they rose. Then, find a movable lump in the left chest.

After several minor analyzes, the experts decided to surgery. They removed the carcinoma, it is a type of chronic cancer that is slower. When they were working on the biopsy, they learned that the disease was not improved in other parts of the body of the girl. Now, the little one was favorable and was discharged.

It is the first case of it breast cancer which is given in a girl. So, he has made a big deal of social society, has now done research to learn more about this, and to do so; dealing with the case.

To raise awareness of chronic cancer, he kept his topless program

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