A 30 second Reddit cut is formally compiled all that is wrong now with Fortnite


You would be sorry to find many people who agree and enjoy the current state of Fortnite Battle Royale.

Many in the Fortnite community have been a very funny and amazing game over the last few weeks, with the emergencies in a game, glitches, and things that are strengthened / non-powerful as the main areas are responsible.

The user Reddit & # 39; LilYerk & # 39; Having been a very good video distribution; Bring up everything that is wrong in the game right now.

The 30-second cut is a montage of a number of sequences that produce some of the false falcones; breaking her game, and her & # 39; players disturbed the number in the process.

There are several things to consider what is shown in the video above. The first is the example where the enemy can be found by an enemy; It can not appear out of thin air, despite the appearance of any ping or a different connection.

The next thing is a common cause in Fortnite, and has been for a long time. This is the case of guns without damaging even though it is confirm that the bullets from the photo affect their & # 39; enemy player.

The top team shows the player's game gun; hitting 10 balls to the enemy's body, and no indication of any damage is shown.

This case could be sorted out sooner as Epic Games has announced that the v6.3 update on November 26 which includes huge boots to gunguns, in particular the Pump ShotgunSouth Westerly

The last question was debated in the # 39; A video that buildings are not correctly stated, especially when using the Turbo Building feature. In the section, the player attempts to put Trap on the floor inside the back cover and the place will be placed in a different location, and removes the player at the end and his / her; removed.

It is something that distress the hurt of her; The player is able to get rid of Turret Mounted, which is & # 39; It has been highly regarded as having been highly attracted and most of its original players have received.

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