A & # 39; first wage; boy who wrote his CV by hand and found work: he placed the light, character and cable of the house – 08/12/2018


"Argentinian is getting work after her handwritten CV has been handled." "The young person who moves the world by sending a CV is handwritten because he had no money to print it." "He did not have to make a print, he wrote his own CV and now offers job offers."

So they gave them a newspaper Countryside, from Spain, from Lima Peru21 and India Love Ujala, among many other people of the world, the history of Chordovan Carlos Duarte. The boy, 21 years old, did not do anything. But two months ago social networks became a "hero".

The CV by Carlos by hand.

The CV by Carlos by hand.

Not marketing Marvel No money for a row of second election, it affected the supporters and activists who were the same way to themselves and others: those with the $ 12 who are in the same way. cost an opinion in Argentina. That is He tried to escape from his poem (just changas) and succeeded.

Many thanks to his false history, handwritten, and the cheap money, He went to the world of work. Formal, vacant work. Something that did not have another Duarte – a & # 39; Most of the quartet line – has never been achieved.

The first day of Carlos Duarte's work in the Piazze glass factory in Córdoba.

The first day of Carlos Duarte's work in the Piazze glass factory in Córdoba.

On September 27 Clarin He traveled to the factory of Vidrios Piazze, the largest in Córdoba, to join him on his first working day. While he was learning "what was in glass", he promised to give him a gift to a "viral liberation" when he collected his / her; first salary.

Talk about Eugenia Lopez. The girl who works in a restaurant in central Chordoba and took the "non-representative page". Moved with a "craftsman" curriculum, Facebook uploaded it. The viral was not tough. But in this story, in that promise, there is no ending at all. For our hero, that's pure pure kryptonite.

"He is a fan of Abel Pintos, his lover already anticipated my gift and bought the ticket to be told, in Córdoba. Hugs from Abel!, that's what she really wants. And what he has done is worthy of me. But I can not yet: I name the fan club, everyone. And there was no case, "said Carlos Clarin.

But he says he is not willing to give. He did not give it when he could not go out to find work because he did not have enough money for his / her. carry a bus chart.

Limited, not work. Carlos took part in the echoiza airport control of the new control tower.

Limited, not work. Carlos took part in the echoiza airport control of the new control tower.

"It's very difficult to make a gift for a woman, so my plan would say her to her idol & # 39; Abel, so you can help me!he says, and laughs.

"Everything I want is urgent from Carlos, because now he is tired of work and he forgets," the girl is in love with her. complaint.

Carlos raised the first $ 16,000 in the first month – more than $ 2,500 from day-to-day attendance for eight hours per day, with timetables to move. And yes, he works a lot. What they recognize in the factory.

"It has grown dramatically. He has already compiled a working group. It is very aware, well-documented, there is no fault. For example, this week he told me that he had been playing soccer, his hand was injured as a result of falling, but that's the case and he came because of her. He wanted to work, "said Christian Trivieri, the plant manager.

"Everyone in the factory does not come to talk to me, some are missing because I'm a leader … But it's coming and scratching my hand, he tells me things. He is very lovely. He is a boy who wants to come forward, "describing Trivieri.

"I have 140 people in charge and I can not just see what he does," he continues, "but I am aware of the good work, because It is a production line, it went through several sections, and it gets well with everyone. The rhythm is like everyone. "

As soon as he went in, Carlos was in a chain of arms with DVH (double doubling). Now it's in the one representation. And he is already working on something that, in the future, is capable of recognizing everyone: the new control tower was called at Ezeiza Airport. "We have already been delivering its first part, now the second and third, the structure, which needs to be done to the building," he says tell.

It will grow up at 5.30 and a & n; coming at 6.20. "Fortunately, I have a partner who lives close to home and takes me in a car. He took 20 minutes." If not, I should continue to & # 39 , taking the two groups: "One hour and half of travel". It works from Monday to Friday until 14.30 and Saturday to 10.30.

"I do not have much time, indeed. That's why I did not return to dance to see La Mona. I did not visit Eugenia either, "he confirms. With his first salary he paid for the light meter in his mother's house (the service to cut), he caught hold and put back the cable, "being able to see Belgrano".

With workwear, as I pointed out Clarin When you visit him on his first working day, he is still very careful. They give them borcegos, pants, t-shirt, duck, helmet, different types of glass according to each glass, and the protection slabs. "Today I did not get the diver because I can not get glucose still. And I did not want to get rid of it," he said.

A few days ago, a new call to the old phone came to his cell ("how old he has been caught and stick"). On the other hand, the owner of his company spoke. "Tell me that I did not regret his position, he said that his will is good, not a viral," he said. Clarin Hugo Piazze.

In a few days, the three months of work in which it is examined will be completed. Previously, thanks to his history, Ramón Mestre's supervisor created the "laboratory curriculum vitae", where young people are consulted and their parents; accompany a diagram with a CV, with professional and technical help, as well as its matching opinion.

For this reason, the hero of Cordovan may not be the only one who breaks his fortune with his grass history. Carlos is now responsible for making the gift he dreamed for Eugenia to come true. The idol shoes.

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