A 4-year-old daughter dies in the Santa Claus marching collision in Yarmouth, N.S.


A four-year-old daughter died after a tough crash at the Santa Claus march in Yarmouth, NS, a Saturday police said, as a witness told a picture of the boundary after the holiday event in the city.

The girl, who was not publicly designated, ran on through a parade. passing the Plock on one of the main paths to & # 39; town when it fell just before 7 p.m. local time, the police said.

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It was taken to a local hospital with paralysurs but it was said dead some time later.

Cpl. Dal Hutchinson, a public information officer with the Nova Scotia RCMP, said the event was "very, very tough – and also very worried to everyone there.

"I understand that there was a large group of people – families – watching Santa Claus's march when this event happened," said Hutchinson in a Saturday evening interview.

He said that anyone who has been able to see the event should talk to others as well as others; seeking support to deal with the trauma.

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"We have our thoughts with this little family at a real, sad time."

Vance Webb, a deployed machine who was living on the Yarmouth border, serving the Saturday march with his wife, daughter and two grandchildren.

"We just watched on the parade, and then about 30 feet away, I'll hear – suddenly, the snow will stop, and I & See something on the ground, "Webb said in a telephone interview.

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"Then suddenly, we heard out screaming. It was pretty close to us."

Webb said that the whole scene was coming into "mayhem" because the people realized what happened.

"People within 50 feet – none of us are OK. All the adults were crying. In every place I saw, hundreds of people were crying," said Webb.

"This is a great deal to affect your homepage."

Parade organizers were not promptly requested to comment on Saturday night.

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