A 4-year-old kid with a GP tumor in need of surgery and the family will get a kettle to try to build R $ 250,000.


Later on, it was moved to the yellow wings, where the family was told that he had to go to court so that the boy could get invasive, because the unified health system (SUS) was not in the # 39 ; capital city.

Now the family is trying to race against time and time; Giotag to raise money and move the child to a private unit in Cuiabá or to surrender it to Barretos (SP), where the laboratory can be done.

In the report on the social network, End Michelle says that Pedro was good, but on November 17, her husband had a fever, went out, slept and, as the mother thought he was more scared: some of the members started to sink.

On Sunday (18), follow the child with the same marks. And on Monday (19), the parents gave him a doctor. It was suggested that the boy be taken to a tutor. After examining, the doctor sent him to a neuropediatrician physician. On the same day, Pedro was brought to Sinop's Emergency Care Unit (UPA).

First there was a suspicion that Peter had Peter's brain. However, the tests tested the brain tumor. Prior to confirmation, the doctors asked Pedro to be taken to the Divisional Fire Hospital, to 420 km from Chuiabá.

In Smile, she monitored the boy's guards until he moved to his / her; capital. However, when they arrived at ER, they were told to the family that the control was not done correctly and that the child had to wait at the reception until the bed was released.

After entering the yellow ward, the parents received the information that they had to fight in court for their work; can be done in a private hospital or, if they can move to another state, where there are more facilities for the surgery.

According to Josel Alves de Sousa, Pedro's father, the surgery is very lively and there are several dangers.

"It's a danger that he'll be blind and he'll be paralyzed forever, so we're so sorry," said his father.

According to Joel, there is a lack of information and delay in protocols that make the situation more difficult.

"We are supported by Justice because we are weak and we do not even know whether we can get the surgery here or we need to go to another town. We know it's urgent," he said .

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