A 48-strong radio moderator – the blurred death of Torsten Eikmeier


Torsten Eikmeier died suddenly at just 48 years.

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Tragedy and sorrow amongst supporters and colleagues: A popular radio channel RPR1 died at the age of 48 years "absolutely amazing". A cause is still clear.

Information from March 12: On the official Youtube channel of "Mannheim – Der Film" was lamenting with Torsten Eikmeier. Nearly three-minute video clips feature, the Eikmeier exhibition is shown around and singing. “Strangely, the news has come out that we must say goodbye to his friend and colleague Torsten Eikmeier forever. Torsten was the anchor who filled the large screen without warning of his amazing presence. He was a great entertainer and a very well-behaved young person. All of us were amazed by his joy. He was a keen musician, Mannheim-sweetheart and Karlsruher. Above all, he was a good family and a friend to steal a horse. Eiki, you will always have a place in our hearts – the message of his colleagues.

Jock: Noisy radio reporter dies suddenly

Mainz – Radio presenter and actor Torsten Eikmeier has died, as the radio station RPR1 is named on his homepage. Torsten Eikmeier not only worked as a presenter for Rhineland-Palatinate radio station for many years and was surprised by his audience, but also as an actor and speaker. He died on 4 March "surprisingly far too early" at the age of 48, as Facebook was announced by VDS's German Speakers Group. The news was not distributed to the public until 11 March. It is not known why this death is there.

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On the social networks, sadness for Torsten Eikmeier is great

On the social networks, sadness for Torsten Eikmeier is great: "The laughs at the time to be quiet because he broke his name and smiled at him from the start. For years. T there was no advertising block where you couldn't hear anywhere, – shearing them in his voice, his mistake, the mistake of his life, philosophy, and thinking with the family And all the people that came in love with him, wrote the VDS.

Narrator of a giant dead radio: "Eiki, you will miss it!"

And RPR1 mourns for "Eiki": "We lose not only an amazing colleague, but an endless friend and friend, who is in a great company. Eiki family, you miss you! ", Are you reading on the home page.

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