A 6 year old soundtrack with MGM's handrail tourism: suit


A 6-year-old girl had an adverse impact on hitting a clear handicap at the DC tourist center – and now he has been severely damaged by the brain that she can not walk or talk, in accordance with new lawsuit.

Zynae Green was with her family at the MGM Hotel in Cala Oxon, Md., About 9 p.m. June 26 when he hit the railway near waterfalls and 120 volt of electricity – 10 times the amount of money; necessary to let the handrail – taken from her, according to the suit, recorded in the County, Md Prince George. , on Monday.

Her mother, Rydricka Rosier, and a security guard were thrown out and tried to go to her. pulling a child off the railway, saying.

Zynae was sent to a cart, but he did not even have a controller at # 39; town to help her, the legal documents say.

The child was moved to a nearby hospital, where she stayed for two months before being moved to an intense care facility in Baltimore. The revitalization center is a two hour driver from Calvert's family, Md., Home.

Zynae suffered a bad brain damage caused by oxygen content, family lawsuit told, Benedict Morelli, The Post.

The child is still in a semi-plant state, breathe alone but he can only move motion in the room with eyes, he said.

"From what we know artfully, she will not come back," said Morelli.

The child celebrated his sixth birthday on Sunday, and her mother worked on her; her party on Facebook, and her writing, "Today is my father's date. Thanks to everyone for signing but it breaks my heart to She is here and not at home. Five months after this MGM did for our family and they still have no support. Our Zy Zy is a shipping but needs help. "

Morelli said he met MGM in July, but since then, they have not been offered an offer to Zynae's care, an application that a representative of a company opposed his post.

The area's auditors decided that the event was causing unwanted wiring associated with the "big" electricity code protests.

The search engine came as a result of MGM's work to open the 23-acre lock in 2016 after complaining in Maryland for its faithfulness, the law said.

A MGM spokesman, in a statement to The Post, was sentenced to his / her; contractor who has erased the electrical work.

"The National Harbor event was a tough disaster, and we're all in the heart that Zynae Green and her family are still suffering," said the journalist. "We are committed to continuing to work with the family's representative to reach a resolution."

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