A 68-year-old Uber driver, despite a danger after Cerro Navia has been banned


Driver the application Uber found in hospital and at riskedit | gutting they got when they object to a & # 39; stealing his car in a society Cerro Navia. The victim was identified Carlos Wilfredo Pardines, from 68 years old.

According to police information, the events were recorded at the corner of Pichilemu Ramón Angel Jara, after the elderly had been able to go. transporting passengers as a man and a woman, who then threatened the driver to want to deliver his / her; vehicle they had to come in in the middle of Santiago.

The driver refused to give the keys and gave the topic three trusts in the thorax to then run away with her female companion, not to fulfilling its duty, but leaving the driver who was badly injured.

The victim was first moved to SAPU of Cerro Navia and then San Juan de Dios Hospital, where he was in the hospital at risk is crucial, as one of the lung spiders removed.

There is no known location of a couple It is the most responsible responsibility for the truth, but the PDI works in the pathways that allow it to find where it is.

His case was left Office of the Central Midlands, who gave an investigation of the truth to the PDI Group.

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