A 70-year-old woman's clothing was killed and stolen. Mok Condo, Saphan Mai area


A 70-year-old woman's clothing was killed and stolen. Mok Condo, Saphan Mai area

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A 70-year-old dealer mother was killed in the bridge of the new bridge. The intention to be killed, always Look for the building in the room The owner of the deceased who laments many things. Check the CCTV Meet Chinese men who need to expect the police. Follow the study. Dragoon to flee the country

At 01.30 hours, 12 February 62, Lt. Col. Phichet Sak Piyarat Rattanasathit, Deputy Prime Minister (Survey), Bang Khen Police Station, reported a murder report at the Newport Center concert, Klong Thanon Road, Sai Mai District, Bangkok. Sorawor, Bangkhen Police Station, Pol.Lt. Col. Poramat Phayok, Deputy Minister of Education, Bang Khen Police Station Pol.Lt.Gen Kemklaeng Plubswap, Bang Khen Lt. Police Station Col. Niwet Nilawadee, Sunday, Lieutenant Bang Khen, Lt. Gen. Pornchai Wongprasert, Deputy Minister.) Forensic Medicine, Tobacco and Rescue Pa Teck Tung

The 4-story building at the 4-story building is a 4-story elevator. When reaching the resolution number 564/38, the door is locked inside. The staff needed to bring glass glasses to the front of the room. To get out to open the door From the room's examination, the body of the body of Araya Supsawan, 70 years old, was found at home 108/128, Moo 7, Monument Road, Bang Khen District, Bangkok. Tongue in bed A scarlet shirt with a long spear Black brushes There are dark green signs at the number. Look inside the room, find a search detection The rope officer must take a policy to block the scene. To stop unwanted people coming to the scene

From research, Mr Weerawit Chaisuksarnthong, aged 30, told her son's son that she had a job selling clothes for a sale. Situated in the Saphan Mai area Before an event, he was summoned by his brother The mother died from 12.00 on 11 February. By saying that he would go to; Opening a rented room for those who rented a room at Don Doo And the father was the guardian on his / her; Clothes Shop Then he and his brother went to the company and found the Toyota brand pickup truck, Revo, bronze money, registration number, green leaflet 1, 1523, Bangkok. Of dead So go up to see the room Before telling the authorities to investigate To find out that their mother had died

On the side of Police Lt. Gen. Amnart found that he had been examined by CCTV's condo, about 40 years of age entering the room with the deceased at about 13.00 hours. Before going out of the room only at 15.00. Also, What from asking the children who are aware of that type of Chinese people who travel in Thailand. And he was sent to rent the room, where 2 years ago, the Chinese said they had borrowed 120,000 baht and stole the deceased's ATM card And gave him the amount of 400,000 baht before fleeing to China and losing someone Up to 2 days ago, you were told to talk about the refund and put a job in the room.

Pol.Lt. Gen. Amnart finds that the starter study is expected to be murdered, because the person's deceased's possession is off A gold mill, 1 baht, 2 baht bracelet, 1 ring ring has disappeared, and besides that, the room got the marks to go; Bringing the building inside the room. After this, we co-ordinate with the Thai government to prevent Chinese people to investigate before leaving the country.

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