A 71-year-old woman does not feel that there is pain as a result of overpowering gene mutations


Sometimes Cameron keeps up a stream which she doesn't feel; then the smell of burnt meat tells her that something is going wrong.

The wife was unaware that she was loving until she was 65 years of age and had to be dressed in her crook: Cameron was told she was suffering from severe osteoarthritis, and she conditions which have so much hurt. Cameron was not bothered.

"I had no idea I knew" t

A year later, Cameron was treated at her Raigmore Hospital. The woman did not feel anything at the time of the operation. "" I had nothing, until I was looking at a little pain for a while – I thought it was normal. T "

Genetic genetics

Cameron is an interesting figure for doctors: the painful painter and the painter for Devjit Srivastava have been searching for his wife and doing various tests with her at the University of London and Oxford University. Cameron went on to have two ghosts.

One of the tribes meant that some of the gene was missing, and the other was generated in a gene that is controlled by the pain enzyme (acid acids hydrolase).

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