A American-owned company Funderful, which provides universities with information-based communication devices, has been purchased by an American company


A "Funderful" American-based company, which provides universities with information-based communication devices, has been acquired by an American company that is a director of its company. marketplace. The contract is a major event in the Indonesian beginner environment, which proves that a good idea can be far away.

Raimonds Kulbergs raised his business idea for a few years ago, when he helped to attract his university, the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. It was not long until it was clear that the communication lines did not; already – email, telephone calls – now working, and universities around the world have not been able to attract alumni contributions. So Kulbergs and his crew created a never-used communication device.

"Funderful" is a truth-based helper based on information that allows them to contact their university and provide more easily on different addresses where our new generation is. At the time of the answer, students will not be able to answer their questions and they will not receive a response within two days, as the case is with his / her; e-mail, "said Kulberg.

New companies have attracted Chinese and Silicon Valley operators for more than one million euros. At the same time, discussions were held with the world's universities about how useful this new communications device was.

"So we got very good customers. Starting with the UK, our partners are schools such as Oxford, Cambridge, London Business School, Westpoint, and so big words," said Fuderful.

It is considered that universities have a " spend 90 cents for one parent in grants, but using the "Fuderful" communication tool, efficiency can be increased rapidly.

"We have attracted more than four million dollars as contributions to different universities worldwide, which is a key figure in its own. But in terms of efficiency, American universities will experience One-one-month advertising in social network advertising can see six dollars in donations after two months. And there's something unexpected, "said Kulberg.

The main players in the industry began to be recalled last year, and Funderful has just bought Ruffalo Noel Levitz, the US market leader in a contribution to higher education institutions. There is a secret contract price. "We will update them that they would not be able to create them. But they have the opportunity to take these strategies faster, for a wider market. It's a wonderful mix – working together."

According to the leader of Latvian Dagnija Lejiņa, this is the first sales event, which encourages other companies. At the same time, indicating that starting sales are not always self-employed, but this is often the best step.

"Both" working "and others show" start-up "need acceleration, rapid growth, technology, talented team, space, money. attracts investors and good business partners that help to create the technology created for Latvia, to faster fracture in the world market, "said Lejiņa.

In addition, after the sale, the team that will be delivered in Riga will continue to sell; product development. These are jobs and money that live in the Latvian economy. Looking back at the stages of development at the beginning, Könn a & # 39; indicates that everything has gone off as a roiler coaster. Religion is in their opinion and support; His wife helped him to avoid everything.

"When I left the job, it seemed to me that this risk was not so small. That year, I did all my savings. At the same time, when It was up to 0 in a bank account, we got the best buyers from Oxford and then gradually, gradually. But it's normal, yes. "

Cowboy's promotional words are for those who are thinking about being in a position; Getting involved in a new business: "Thinking around the world from just one day. Not to be restricted to a Latvian market, to think about how the material can be taken longer, Do not hide your opinion in the hill, talk about it, do not be scared someone is stealing it. If it stole, the value in & # 39 ; idea, but it's worth it to do it true! "

The new entrepreneur is laughing that he is now in & # 39; need breaking from the introductory environment. But after that, with new energy, he plans to start innovations that will be useful for large, corporate companies.

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