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Green is a warrior at the Arab Cup in the Basket from the Shasa site, on Sunday 18 November 2018.

Al-Khadafar is a warrior on a Arab Cup in the basket. The co-ordinator was used on the island on 18-11 – 2018 Continuous sports continued the qualitative movement received by the Chairman of the Common Authority for Sport, the Chairman of the Saudi Arabian Turki Al-Sheikh Committee, where the team won The Arab Cup. Egypt was named for the 23th Arab Basketball Championship as a hostess of competition and one of the most famous African teams and the oldest in the & # 39; This game, and the second name for Algeria giants, is one of the strongest African teams. Although the short preparation time, the team had only a short inside camp in Jeddah for 6 days under the command of Ali Al-Sanhani, Khaldun Al-Mawlid's national coach and Brigadier General Mustafa Al-Qabli's leadership and managing Naji Al-Saqr. 12 players have been selected for their competition: Marzouq Al Mouloud – Khalid Abdul Jabbar – Nayef Thalabi (Al Ahly), Musab Qadi (Al Ansar), Abdulrahman Falata (Al Wahda), Muthanna Al Marwani – Mohammed Al Marwani (Al Ittihad) Mohammed Al Suwailem (Al Hilal) and Ayoub Al-Husawi (Al-Nasr). The team played a friendly match with Al-Ittihad, leaving the team for Cairo. Al-Akhdar Al-Akhdar Al-Akhdar was not easy to win his & # 39; war, especially from every team that participates in the & # 39; strong competition. Despite the failure of the team at the first time and its & # 39; defeated to Bahrain in the first 75/68 competition match, and lost the second game against Algeria 90/85, It was the beginning of the victories against UAE And winning 65/79, Meet the host of the Egyptian competition, & # 39; Call 74/58, and the fourth place in the competition, and meet again with Egypt and his / her; winning 69/70, and disturbing all the announcements announced to the Egyptian team. Prepared for World Cup graduates, and it is expected that there will be a tour of Turkey, Cameroon and Angola, with five players over 2.10 m, Witt will be the students to come to Algeria and her; Success in winning 80/85 and its # 39; Achieving Arab Championship after 21 years, especially from the Arab Games held in Beirut in 1997. Performance in the eyes of the heroes President Basketball Federation Saudi Abdulrahman Al-Massaad congratulates Chancellor Chairman of Sports Sheikh Council and his deputy head, Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, to complete the service, preparing for the team for the Asian Spring finals, and thanking the musician and the respect of the players and the technical and administrative efforts and work, which have led to their competition. The team's supervisor, Brigadier General Mustafa Al-Qabli, was the assistant and ongoing President and Assistant Price. Federation of Abdulrahman Al-Massaad before and during his competition. He praised the technical staff of Ali Al-Sanhani and his assistant Khaldoon Al-Mawlid and thanked the long-term players and won this title. Ali Al-Sanhani's national coach said the competition was difficult and difficult, especially because the challenges faced by the team were very tough and wounded that affected the team, but thanked God gave us over all the situation and we met his case. Team leader Ayoub Hosawi said: "Our team has won a play with all that could be ahead of us when the competition started, but we have been grateful to God to return and win in each game, despite the strength of his competition. "The team has become better from one game to another until it reaches the end of the border in the final, with proper planning, I wish the team will bring Asia's finals, "said Major General Ismail Al Gergawi. In his regard, President of the Egyptian Alliance and Deputy President of the Arab Union, Dr Magdi Abu Farikha, the Saudi team level, who deserved the deserved title, gave a special and special level. It was a tough number in broadcasting. e: The competition was strong and tough, but Saudi team grew from one game to the next one. In the coronation of the same broadcast, he congratulated the President of the Union Abdulrahman Al -Massaad and technical and administrative staff and players. The leader of the Omani Federation and a member of the Saudi Arab League Farid Al-Zadjali Alliance said: "The Saudi team has won its competition very well on the the Egyptians and Algeria, a promising team, and his. winning most of the young players, and I hope that we will have an advanced commitment and a strong presence in the supporters End of the Competition. Click here to read the stories from her source.

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