A Arab League will launch a campaign to launch libraries in the remote areas of Member States within the Book Fair


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Post: Tuesday 29 January 2019 – 4:07 PM Last updated: Tuesday, 29 January 2019 – 4:07 PM

The League of the Arabians will indicate that it will implement an initiative to publish libraries in remote member states as part of the University's activities as a guest of honor for the 50th edition of the International Book Festival of Cairo 2019.

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"The Arab League option is a prestigious honor in the gold jubilee of the 2014 International Cairo Book Fair option," said Haifaa Abu Ghazaleh, Common Secretary General of the Arab League Social Affairs Network Department and Chairman of the Organizing Committee participating in the university as a guest of honor at the exhibition. Controller identifying a rich and diverse cultural resource. "

"This option is inspired by the unprecedented success with the League of the United States when the Arabian world was honored at the Frankfurt International Book Fair 2004. It also reports on the effectiveness of Arab cultural occupation in Arab cooperation service. "

She said that this event was aligned with the 74th anniversary of the establishment of the League of the United States, and The first regional group set up in March 1945, as a result of the movement of Arab nationality and Arab national thinking, has become the first Arab group to be established in the Arab and modern history of the day today. My founders talk about a dream of a Arab unity and his / her; The first international organization that emerges in World War II.

She said the establishment of the university was in response to appeals and aspirations of the Arab people and an awareness of the importance of the unity to achieve the independence of the Arab nations and to do so; preserving Arab identity. He explained that the Arabian host of a hostile message is to celebrate Arab activity by Beit Al Arab who collects his coffee products that showing vibrant images of historical people and events that would alter the social, economic and political history of the Arab nations. "

Abu-Ghazaleh said the university pavilion is going to review its & # 39; Arab action process, which includes the history of the League of the United States, and celebrating its activities and achievements and Arab Arab cooperative areas in the cultural, social, economic and legal fields.

Abu Ghazaleh said that the content of the Arab League partnership was "Guest of Honor" at the show to highlight the need to Enjoy participation and increase interaction with showers by demonstrating; organizes a number of cultural conferences at the exhibition to identify social, economic and cultural issues. And others related to Arab co-operation.

She also said that the university's partnership also aims to include the Arab citizens to the efforts and achievements of the Commonwealth League Commonwealth in a variety of interesting areas, as well as to & # 39; organize a series of activities and workshops that showcase the message for developing creative and sensitive creativity; consolidate the Arab and Arab cultural values ​​in simple ways. 12 years and focuses on cultural diversity among visitors to the University Pavilion.

Abu Ghazaleh explained that there is a free reading space, which aims to retain visitor space for the university shield and a small library is available, including some of the titles about Arab League and Arab joint work selected by the General Secretary of the University Library and the Institute of Arab Research and Knowledge Institute, these are the titles to be able to; disseminating culture of information about the oldest regional group.

She noted that you help the League of the United States to community development. During the 50th anniversary of the Cairo International Book Fair, the Arab League started two campaigns aimed at improving educational and social activities around the League of Nations.

She explained that the first two campaigns are "Book for Every Visitor" campaign; including a series of publications related to the actions and achievements of the League of the Arabians in Arab conventional areas, as well as specialized Arab groups and Arab staff associations, with the aim of being spreading knowledge of the University on a broader scale. It's added that the second campaign is a "library for every edge" campaign that, Includes a collection of books and information materials on the culture, history and civilization of the Arab nations, sponsored by government agencies in the university member of the Arab state.

She said he hoped to benefit from these groups by establishing established or mobile libraries in remote areas in the Arab countries per year according to a survey of those without libraries or knowledge centers and in co Future Procurement by the Union of Arab Publishers.

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