A beating thief ends in the drink after trying to escape from a police at Port Augusta



30 January 2019 09:08:13

A man was arrested after he stole two carts of beer from a local hotel in Port Augusta and his / her; trying to get out of their police by going to # 39; swim away at Campe Spencer.

Main points:

  • The policeman says that the man tried to get out by swimping off at the local beach
  • He was said to have stolen a cart of leeks but fell before they went into the water
  • He was convicted of a serious criminal offense, stole and his / her; blocking the police

When he refused to leave the water, the man was arrested after he had gone back to his / her after a few minutes' talk to the police.

Police just said that the crew of a team was not Port Augusta just before 11:30 pm on Tassie Street after a man was kicked in the local hotel's storage room and stole two cards of leeks.

After the robbery was erected, the last suspect was finally going to the beach, and, let some of the beer cans on his way.

The police said he had stopped his casualties, with his officials. follow the suspect who was still carrying one of the cartoons.

Then the unexpected man tried to stop himself, making her way to the beach; Port Augusta before the police force put down the lantern and jumped into the water and started off. swim away from the airport.

The 29-year-old man from the north of the state was opposed to serious criminal crime, stole and his / her; blocking the police.

He was rejected to trustees and appeared at the Augusta Port Judge Court.

A dangerous history for pollution avoidance

Last year two teenagers died after a group went to the Swan River in Western Australia and tried to avoid them.

In September, 2018, Police Officer WA, Chris Dawson, stated that there were five teenagers in a group that followed the police.

In addition to the two dead boys, three members of the group were brought back from the river.

The police said the officers were asked to look after the group after reports of young "jumping fans" in Maylands – a bank side of Perth River.

In 2008, a 37-year-old man attempted to get out of the police that was caught with swimmering in the & # 39; Ocean in the South of Fleurieu Peninsula was imprisoned for nearly six years.

Police reported that the man was expected to keep up the Watermark Hotel in Glenelg with a friend but the police stopped their phones and stopped the robber.

Eventually they came ashore and asked to question them.


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