A big step forward: scientists first put a link to the dentist to carry people 's behavior


Swedish scientists were able to link the emblem directly to nerves; women. It can move your fingers into your mind and even a sense of tied emotions. This is a big step forward compared to current teeth, where electrons are usually placed on skin.

Researchers from the University of Chalmers Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden), together with the Integrum AB biotechnology company, have developed manual stress through the leading European program of DeTOP Endoprosthesis. The surgeons were connected to & # 39; Prostace to two bones against the surface (the ulbann and the ankle), and the embroideries are linked exclusively to the muscles and the causes. That's why she can control her hand and help her to lock her shoes and her. text collection on keyboard. This is the first valid, flexible and sensitive manual stress that is suitable for use in life.

A big step forward: scientists first put a link to the dentist to carry people 's behavior
© Chalmers | Bio-Doctoral Laboratory and Neurorehabilitation

"The development of our technology allows the patient to use a strange indoor veil interfaces to control the breach, and provide the important activities in the activities daily, "said Ortiz Catalan, staff of the Chalmers University.

New interactive technologies with technology can be developed using the smart electronic system. The video of Swedish scientists shows how a woman is going to see her. Handling a handheld on a computer screen with implant, that is, before accepting the corporate broth.

Typical wrists with electrode use with skin that will; control the muscles of the boys. These surface electrons do not provide restricted but non-trusting features that can only control only basic movements, saying, a & # 39; burn the fist.

In addition, manual achechasts have a markedly sensitive attitude. They do not give a skeletal or cubic sense, so it can be done to & # 39; Using prostheses can only confirm a vision: for example, they do not know how strong they are doing; breeding the object. By cultivating the electrodes into the previously associated illness with lost biological hand sensors, researchers can be encouraged by electricity, and the patient is seen as a mental.

The new invention has become a prophet in the future, where robotic devices interact easily with our organizations. Such brooches seemed to be possible for a long time only in the Star Wars cruise and other science fiction, but this work shows that, although technology is not widely available, time is to be coming has already come to an end.

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