A big storm over Caterina Balivo that dismissed the speech Are you coming to me?



Listen to a flop. T

For a few hours a storm has arisen on Caterina Balivo. An earthquake really seen Rai: the program Come to me cemeteries of the beautiful Aversana would be in danger of closure. According to Dagospia reports, the high cost implications for produce and levels considered unsatisfactory are weighted. Instead of speaking on the afternoon of afternoon 1. t Magnolia, Viale Mazzini would think of the result of a inner product.

The people of Rai, who were very famous, wanted the program to be returned Alessandro Greco, ‘Zero and Praise’. However, at this time there are only rumors. The fact is that the Balivo program is expanding. We hope that by the failure of that failure there will be a great deal of sacrifices.

Child on the journey?

Caterina Balivo has had a huge storm and his speech of 1 that, in the last few reports, has been failing. when Caterina Balivo that they are not involved Come into me he managed to spend time with his two sons Cora and Guido Alberto. Getting the weekend off from job commitments, the presenter decided to spend a quiet time taking the children to the sea in Sardinia.

Caterina then profiled her Instagram profile and some fans recognized her suspicion: t steep leg. Perhaps the place is coming the third child? The reporter has not been denied or confirmed, she has only been responding to hearts. So we hope there are "two without three" as well.

Said Fact

If there is a big storm Caterina Balivo and when speaking on Uno, it is fine to remember that, his greatest success, and that "Act of Fact", continue to drag important photos with the colleague Bianca Guaccero.

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