A bit undergraduate, working in security. Illness, depression A jump over bridge to Pattanakarn (clip)


A bit undergraduate, working in security. Illness, depression A jump over bridge to Pattanakarn (clip)

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The driver was damaged, twisted, and # 39; wound, suddenly, get a big young man; falling from the bridge across Pattanakarn. Fall down and blast Without a doubt in the middle of the Srinakarin Road The dead person declared a defense

At 19.00 am, 17 February 62, Pol.Lt.Col. Supachai Khuntharong, Sor. (Survey), Prawet Police Station. So, the sub-division and Suan Luang area of ​​Bangkok surveyed the scene and went to the Foundation.

The view is in the middle of the translation of Pattanakarn. Srinakarin Road On the side of Bang Na, found the body of Senan Bunnakayam, 57 years, address number 139, Moo 13, Subdistrict Huai Mai, Song District, Phrae, security company. Breeding in the middle of the road. Bark workers need to help them as quickly as possible. But the wounded He died in the scene. In addition, the area of ​​the bridge crosses the Pattanakarn Air croft from the road to On Nut. Also found for Honda motor motors, X-ray, black-red, 7107 registration number, Bangkok De dead

From Mrs. Kesorn Bunnakyam's 55th anniversary, her & her. wife died that he and the deceased had been living for many years at Soi Phatthanakan 43, where the deceased person for depression at Prasat Pittaya Institute for many years was dealt with. Year Never worry anything before And the deceased person did not belong to any military unit, but got a BP status because he had been a good military officer before the event a division of working on the morning With the deceased who drives so bicycles work On their own, take a bus to work at Central World. To let the authorities know that the man dropped the suicide bridge

Police Superintendent, General Supachai, from investigating the CCTV image, found that the deceased had been killed on a crossbridge before he decided to go down to kill himself. Accepting that the deceased should be restricted from specific cases Along with signs of depression So, due to a short suicide After this, his wife will investigate in detail again. To find the same purpose For the funeral of a forensic health specialist to proceed to a real cause of death.

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