A BNP ticket was granted to Naznien-Kanak Chapa


In the same parliamentary elections later, National Party Party (BNP) musicians received tickets to vote for musician Nàisdein Baby and Kanak Chappa. From the Nilphamari-4 division, Naginin and Sirajganj-1 constituency, Kanak Chandra received the letter for the BNP fight.

Baby Najin's musician said to the media, "I have already worked for the Nilphamari-4 constituent people. Names they received. Winning, InshaAllah In my birthplace, Saidpur, I will take part in the election This is to be with the locals.

On the other hand, Kanpur Chapa said, "Local people have welcomed me from buying nomination papers. I want to be involved in the Sirajganj-1 development. I wanted to get the BNP Like my platform and I got it. Named, this is the effect of its profit. & # 39;

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