A book description from Şeyma Branch: It will create an event!


Recognized for his relationship with Ilıcalı Acun, and news divide, Şeyma Subaşı did not fall on the magazine's magazine, but spoke about her book.


Şeyma Subaşı, who was well-known for her marriage with the television television channel Acun Ilıcalı and who did not fall from the magazine's post after the split, appeared in the previous day İstinye lens. After the divorced marriage, sailing to new love and the Italian DJ Guido Senia, who was a live in the love of Subaşı, on a shopping trip after Kartalkaya holidays. Subaşi is made for sports and lenses. Finally, news about the book responded to the news and social media agenda on the beautiful and beautiful critics; collection of arrows, questions from journalists. "The book will be released at the beginning of the summer and will create an event," said Subasi. in short response format.

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