"A bottle of wine is as bad as 10 cigarettes"


Drinking the wine of the week's wine would be just as bad as smoking ten cigarettes.

That's what scientists at Southampton University say. According to researcher Theresa Hydes, ten people a thousand men will receive cancer from taking up one bottle of biggest wine per week. T For women, that is fourteen miles, according to the Public Health BioMedCentral. If you drink up to three bottles of wine each week, the risk of cancer increases much. 19 out of 1000 men are infected and 36 out of 1000 women. Women receive breast cancer more often.

Hydes wants to make a comparison between alcohol and smoking to show how unwell alcohol is. “Heavy drinkers bind cancer in the mouth, throat, vocal cords, stomach, liver and liver. By comparing cigarettes we hope that people will start thinking more about the impact of alcohol. ”

Source (s): De Telegraaf

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