A breakdown of fear and fright and the truth revealed: Noor was Vice-Vice-Chancellor on BCL


A breakdown of fear and fear and truth to be revealed: VP Noor, former Vice-Chancellor of BCL

Former vice-president DUSU Vice President Nurul Haque Noor (left) and UK Muhsin Hall and former vice-president of central committee BCL Maksud Rana Mithu (right)

Concern was expressed over the new DUCSU vice-president (VP) political identity Nurul Haque Nur, who was president of Haji Muhammad Muhsin Hall from the University of Dhaka and former vice-president of a lead committee. T BCL Maksud Rana Mithu that the largest people in history are the people who used Noor to fulfill their interests.

During the Quota Reform Motion Nurul Haque Nour urged Nour to tell the country what was different meetings of the BCL at a different time to BCL.

He informed N.9 that any event had been held on 7 April, 2018.

On social media Facebook, he made some questions before the newly elected VP Nurul Huq Noor. He told Nour to scare the fear and fear and to tell the country to answer these questions.

Vice Chair Vice-Chairman BCL committee Maksud Rana Mithu has set the status for Facebook –

Nurul Haque Nuru. From the BCL campaigners who put you in the head of the student movement's leader, they drove the Siberia leader forward by giving them thanks and encouragement.

The BCL campaigners made up the camp with false accusations. I believe that you are one of them. He is not as foolish as being able to vote for someone at Dhaka University by sending information about Sibir who was never worthy of doing Siberia.

Breaking up fear and rest, the truth emerges. Who told the country about the movement leader of the Quota Doc Takoya.

Bangladesh Chhatra League and two of the Dhaka University leaders won the meeting in the meeting. There were no leaders in front of the BCL conference that they were creating chaos through quota movements.

Noor should let you know today 7 April, 01801, two big directors have not asked you to spend 12,000 taka for the move.

The head of the movement said that Husband al-Mummy and who are in your hand, you said that you came to live. Let them know that some BCL leaders meet in different times with you.

The student community wants to know why the three leaders were only present in the meeting BCL to ban the Kota movement.

Cuotathan's Transfer, BCL Conference, Dhaka's work at the University of Registry with a value of 600 crowns. He will also be known to all. Those that have used Nuru for their own interests are the biggest in history.

(Collected from Facebook)

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