A busy town: A group of MEPs wants to publish invalid elections


In the town of Peceňada, its applicant group asks voters to say that the votes are invalid. They express a vital increase that is being taken; considered in the number of electors shortly before their behavior.

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On Tuesday, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovakia turned into a complaint about inequality
and illegal of the elections in the town council in the town of Pečeňada in the area
Group of Piešťany candidates for electors.

Identifying a vital increase in the number of voters in the town just before
they want an election to be suspended on November 10.

According to information from a representative from the group of objectors Marián Šinkovič,
In the township between January and August 2018 the number of voters went to; go from
432 to 443. "Ron October 10, it was 445 and a month later,
November 10, 490, "Shinkovich.

The Commission should not have the necessary documents

Shinkovic said they have some information that some residents
they are scheduled for a permanent residence not only outside the general clock hours
office, but also during public holidays. They would also name them
the Electoral Commission did not require newly-registered citizens with a permanent man
live in Pecenadoch during his polling paper – a request for divorce
New citizenship chart for the designation of a new permanent residence.

"If there is not such a person with the first civilian
card and ticket from a general office, there is no problem to go to the election
of its "original" community, as it is still enrolled there, not everyone
towns in Slobhacia are connected online with the registration
population "
complained to him.

According to the results of the elections, Peceňadoch's general advice
the number of votes between the last ones, the fifth elected Members and their first "sub-section
online "38 votes.

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