A buyer removes the sopaipillas from her & # 39; A card for the people delivered by the PSU and is full of praise – Social Networks


A buyer delivers sopaipillas from the card to the people delivered by the PSU and is full of greetings

The event was performed in the Melipilla area, where the students did not have their identity card with their name. bell.

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A couple of young people who took place on Monday were a gentle time to stay PSU in Melipilla, after a merchant you will take sopaipillas away from your cart to anyone who has shown passing the test.

The activity was delivered by the contributor Meli News, who welcomed the activity of the unsuccessful retailer to the students.

2.JPG sopaipilla

Located in Prat street of the commune, the woman he did not just ask people to show a & # 39; Identity card with the separate stamp, to verify that they surrendered the PSU.

Action created hundreds of advanced brands from people in social networks, who They were estimated to have stopped the income buyer to help the students.


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