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The large black and yellow digital signs around the town have been built up earlier on the # 39; This month, says in all capital letters that Ryan McLennan needs the live black supporter "with a kind of blood O. Al Charest / Postmedia

Al Charest / Postmedia

There will be Ryan Mclennan, a Calgary store teacher, who will put several boardboards into a & # 39; find a dragon redesign donation, which lasts for late surgery this month after a stranger has to go to; offers his life insensitively.

"A game was discovered and a surgery date," MacLennan's Facebook reading, was written on Friday. "The most amazing thing and the opportunity to stay painless every day is a chance to recover some of my life! The road is not known first, but I hope."

Back in February, MacNennan and his wife Shakina 27 bought large black and yellow digital signs around their home; featured in all capital letters "Ryan McLennan needs the live black supporter" with O. type of blood.

The restaurant portfolios have a photo of the couple and phone numbers that can be accessed and canceled; Managing people to a Facebook page started by the family to help spread MacLennan's report and find it as a contributors.

He said that 30 donors who came up after the restaurants had gone up, but one doctors with one of them managed to control all of them because they do not have they are going on.

But no matter where an Airdrie resident, Tony Timmons, comes to MacLennan's life.

MacLennan said he had never met Timmons for a few months ago, but how lucky he would be, Timmons's wife ran a day care that was one of MacLennan's co-workers' children. attending.

Timmons saw one of the restaurants and began to go through grant tests and it seems that it was a MacLennan game.

The co-worker helped the two men who have been friends very quickly, with Maclennan saying that Timmons is a "terrible person."

"You can only thank you many times, but he is indeed a hero in his eyes," said Maclennan Postmedia, a & # 39; talk about Timmons and his poorer offer.

"I have great friends and family members and I did not have confidence to be going on, and then someone who does not know me is a step forward."

Maclennan said he had removed the news to find a game because there is still room for the surgery to sunk a few days or will not be healthy enough to go through work.

"The docks tell me if I get sick, if I get the results of bad blood, or for other reasons, then my surgeryIt will not happen, "he said." But I need to be strong and to think positively because I have been fantastic. "

Ryan Mclennan and his mother Elaine Austin, who gave him a kid about 15 years ago. That poem is now a failure and MacFennan needs another donor, asking his family to take 27 board boards around her; hoping to find a man. (PROVIDED)


Mclennan was a mechanic before his antiques began about 15 years ago and could not continue to work in his field.

He is now the mechanics and mentor at Father Lacombe High School in Calgary, who won the Teacher of the Year award four years ago.

Elaine Austin, the mother of MacLennan, gave her her own items for her son's first reprinting about 15 years ago.

She told Postmedia in February that her son's health had been "very good" until last year, when her body began to repudiate the kidney that was restored.

MacLennan's surgery is scheduled for November 28 and said "one of the best days of my life."

He thanked his supporters and fans throughout Facebook, and asks him to "an amazing man" Timmons willing to change his life for the better.

"This process has changed me," he said. "He made me see the light and what's important."

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