A California man gave £ 80m over a US news cancer disease


A jury for $ 80m (£ 60.7m) has been given to a person who said that he used to use plants for killing plants.

Edwin Hardeman blamed Bayer AG's Roundup glyphosate for his neo-Hodgkin's lymphoma, his first of thousands of legal cases similar to the company's handling.

Mr Hardeman, 70, told the court that he had been using Roundup for years to deal with plants and too much housing in his San Francisco home.

The jury in San Francisco's federal court gave $ 5m in compensation damages and $ 75m in punishment dams.

They discovered an Monsanto, who made Roundup and sold to Bayer last year for $ 63bn (£ 47bn), was careless and warned consumers of the cancer risk.

After the decision, Mr Hardeman said he was "over", adding: "He has not yet sunk."

Round products are now on sale at a hardware store at San Rafael, California, on July, 9, 2018  t
Roundup is used worldwide as a plant predator

Bayer said they were unhappy with the decision and said they would appeal.

A spokesman said: "This conclusion does not change weight over four decades of science level and decisions of regulators around the world who support safety on glyphosate herbs and so on. not addictive. "

On 19 March, after more than four days of thought, a juror of six people found a "Round factor" in causing Mr Hardeman's cancer, which pushed the Bayer ration price down over 12%.

The second trial was held before the same jury to ensure debt and damage.

During this period, Mr Hardeman's solicitors presented their internal documents which stated they demonstrated the company's efforts to influence scientists and regulators for safety.

After the birth, one of his lawyers Jennifer Moore said: "Today, the jury delivered a very clear message and firms should no longer place goods on the market for anyone who wants to buy without real being, unchecked and unannounced if the cause of cancer is. "

The Plaintiff Dewayne Johnson reports after he has heard the decision against Monsanto at the Superior Court Of California in San Francisco, California, on 10 August 2018.  T
Dewayne Johnson won her case in August last year after a jury crushed Roundup for cancer.

More than 11,200 round-the-clock visits are being tested in the US, but Bayer said Mr Hardeman's case would have no impact as "each has its own genuine and legal problems".

Mr Hardeman's case was the second of his kind – the next one saw another California, Dewayne Johnson, replacing $ 289m (£ 219) in August after a jury blamed Roundup for cancer.

The amount was then reduced to $ 78m (£ 59) and is currently receiving an appeal.

Some experts are told whether glyphosate, developed by Monsanto in the 1970s, is causing cancer.

The US Environmental Protection Agency says they are unlikely to abolish people and in 2017 EU member states voted to agree it for use for a further five years.

Glyphosphate is the most widely used plant in the EU and around the world, according to EU figures, but in 2015 the World Health Organization said it was "perhaps a carcinogenic to humans".

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