A camera is included in the Panasonic HomeHawk Home lamp


Panasonic is seeking funding for HomeHawk, a new floor lamp that is a shows a camera built in. The product will be delivered as an alternative to internal home security cameras, one that is combined with the decoration and does not have to move. The lamp offers the same type of lamp; security features as competitive models, but with its added benefit to be seen fundamentally.

Internal security cameras as a means of keeping records on children or pets one, as well as to play on. monitor security issues and a collection of photographs that may be useful for insurance claims. The likelihood of these cameras seems to be obvious as, well … camera. Guests may feel uncomfortable with an apparent camera nearby, and it can be a great deal. wall damage, and usually unnecessary cable that needs to be moved.

These are all the points that Panasonic makes to bring the benefits of his / her. HomeHawk Floor, a stylish lamp with a modern look and a small camera camera that's going out; roof. The lens is located at its height and the best angle to monitor the home of the same person, according to its company, and also duplicate as a source of lighting.

HomeHawk Floor supports high definition video recording, motion search, color night vision, and also integrates with friendly assistants. As the camera is inserted into the lamp, one power is coming out of its # 39; bottom that plows into the wall. Buyers can choose a choice of 2 feet, 4 feet and 6 lamps.

As the house lost power for some reason, the camera will continue to work for up to 1.5 hours on backup batteries. Users can record and control the light by phone or voice assistant, there is a 140-step camera and videos are stored on a microSD card.

Panasonic is currently seeking funding for HomeHawk Floor on Indiegogo, where it is; offers a very early bird version for $ 185 USD. It is anticipated that vessels to supporters will start in May.

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