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OTTAWA – It is anticipated that a review of Guide Food Canada will be rapidly released, revitalization that must be discharged with the massive vision of many Canadian Canadians; Link to the food guide that is often used in hospitals and in days.

One of the main changes that is expected in the new focus is focus on plant-based prototype – movement that has been disturbed among business businessmen, including Farmers Dairy of Canada.

In a statement released on Friday afternoon, the national policy and its collective group that had been launched. Canadian farmers warned that the adverse effects could affect future generations and damage the "divisions" that directly impact on the votes provided in trade agreements recently. "

"Not only does this harm the milk department and hundreds of thousands of people who are responsible for their living, it also harms harm to Canadian consumers want to create a lack of understanding of the value of milk nutrition, "said Pierre Lampron.

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Lookout milk farmer farmer at Lookout in North Hatley, Que. on 5 September, 2018.

Hasan Hutchinson, general director of nutrition policy and promotion at Health Canada, said Friday that Canada's Health has been realistic with its goal of establishing the new Food Guidelines on the best available evidence too known by international organizations.

When the review began years ago, Canada Health said he did not establish his new guidance for healthy eating of food business research.

The department says that protein is not based on good animals, Hutchinson, who has regard to food orientation, recommends that Canadians choose from foods that include lower fat milk, lower fat yogurt and lower caesan in fat and sodium.

Plant-based foods, such as vegetables, fruit, whole grin, and plant-based protein-like protein, have a regular impact on health.Hasan Hutchinson

He also mentions food, hens and other foods based on animals as examples of good choices, he said.

"But there is a bit of emphasis, focusing on more food-based plants," he said.

"Regular food-based foods, such as vegetables, fruit, whole grin, and those protocols based on plants, can have a positive impact on health," he said. The description of cardiovascular disease is a special responsibility.

In a document issued for consultation, Canadian Health said that most Canadians do not eat enough plants, fruits and roots, and many of them drink high drinks in sugar.

He also said that what is needed is to move to a large extent of vegetation-based food in general, adding new advice to help Canada eat more food with a thread, eat smaller red meat, and include food that contains most salt salts with food in most unsaturated fat.

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