A cancer detection test is only 10 minutes


A team of scientists from Queensland University, Brisbane (Australia), has improved Verify, in ten minutes, that it will not stop getting cancer cells and make a quicker beginnings.

The research, published in the journal Nature Communications, have examined the differences in DNA between cancer cells and those that are not damaged.

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In all human cells, adult DNA produces changes that are created by a process known as metylation that is well-known, so that genomic information in cancer cells is well different from that in healthy cells.

The team was led by expert Matt Trau that there is a difference in the methylation of cancer cell process that affects the physical and chemical properties of DNA.

Scientists have used these different behaviors to develop a diagnosis that allows cancer to be detected from a small patient DNA analysis. This test is only about ten minutes and this product can be seen in detail.

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The test was performed with 103 human DNA samples, with 72 of them having cancer and 31 were healthy.

The researchers noted, for this stage, at this stage of development, it can not only contain cancer cells, not the type or extent of the disease and that it would be It is essential to explore more specimens to achieve more detailed analysis. .

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