A candidate for a GoFundMe woman believes that she has also been scanned


News – The petitioner for a female member of New Jersey's trips was launched by the GoFundMe campaign that gave millions of hearts warmth and generated more than $ 400,000 in donations for a homeless weapon without writing in an interview a new ABC News that she had suffered from the other two.

Lawyer James Gerrow said his client, Kate McClure, was the first plan to build a story about the old defender Johnny Bobbitt who was a used her $ 20 to help her fight out of the road when she ran out of gas but she said she was only interested in creating her nose for a short time to help Bobbitt.

"It's the story about the gas I'm talking about – and this is where the patients have a disagreement with me – on the part of a Kit. It was a collision, it was a & # 39; complain to try to help this speaker. "

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Despite what Gerrow said as his client's best ambitions, he said that the property campaign was "just gone away".

Gerrow also stated that his client was too trusting and unsustainable to understand what his / her growing.

"It's a bit tough, and she has come out of a troublesome relationship … and now she was with D 'Amico, who was [is] She was 10 or 11 years old, and she was affected, "he said." And all this happened because of their trust in Dame Amico. "

McClure did not answer his solicitor's second meeting with the prosecutor of New Jersey that he says she added all the scams together and realized she was convicted.

"At the second conference, patients were talking about evidence," said Gerrow. "At that time, I turned to Kate and said," Do you understand what they say? ""

"At that time, she grew up emotionally," he said. "She was in tears, she was crying, feeling sensitively because she realized what they were saying – and she was with D & Amicus and Bobbit she was. She was founded . "

Applicant for D & Amik and Bobbitt were not immediately available to answer Gerrow's submissions on Friday night.


On Thursday, the Prosecutor in Burlington Scott Coffina said in a news conference that Bobbitt's entire story was a $ 20 use after McClure finally went to his chair; runs out of a "false saying" gas that was designed to put thousands of people involved in contributing to the campaign.

"Less than an hour after the GoFundMe campaign to live, McClure, in a text exchange with a friend, said the story about Bobbitt was to help her face well."

In one of the texts read by Coffina, McClure writes to a friend: "Well, so wait, the partial gas is done completely but not the person. so that people could feel bad. So, sweep away from the stuff that is made up. "

Everything was stolen by McClure, 28, D 'Amico, 39, and Bobbitt, 34, with a deception and co-promise to make a complaint through deceit. McClure and Amico volunteered freight for authorities on Wednesday, and was released from that, said Coffina.

If they are convicted, each one will deal with five to 10 years in prison, the patients said.

Gerrow, who, despite her attraction, said she would It was the first equipment; McClure helped Bobbitt and when the campaign reached a stop in the fever in the media, tried not to be successful to complete his / her. banned.

"At $ 10,000, Kate tried to cut with GoFundMe, [but] they told her that it could not be done, "said Gerrow." D & # 39; She tried to cut it back again at $ 100,000 because she was very worried about the money she had, come into the property. "

Speaker for GoFundMe, who has collaborated in the survey and agreed to restore money to the 14,000 people who gave him Bobbitt, Gerrow applications.

"Enterprise organizers are in full control over their campaigns, including the ability to convert grants," spokesman Bobby Whithorne said ABC News was late Friday.

Indeed, on the GoFundMe page and a couple, McClure's notes have a & # 39; Supporting supporters "Johnny asked me to stop donating today … He asked, instead of postponing his job , he could have done a second man to choose another purpose, for any reason, he has not received his attention. "

Despite this, in another role, McClure discovered that he closed the campaign, but again to re-open shortly after that.

"For the short time we have dropped, however, it's obvious that people still want to give it to its cause … You're still amazed."

Earlier this week, GoFundMe reported the case.

"Although this type of behavior by an individual is very rare, it is inappropriate and it is obvious that it affects it. We cooperate fully and help law enforcement officers to get all the money that was withdrawn by Ms. McClure and Mr D 'Amico, "said company officials in a statement.

ABC News Aaron Kersky and Bill Hutchinson added this report.

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