A car crashed on the side on a steep bank


While he was & # 39; drove down the hill he went on the road.

Just before 11m, a road accident crashed between the Zadlaz and Čadrg settlements near Tolmin in a serious traffic disaster, in which a 64-year-old driver was severely injured, who subsequently suffered injuries in hospital after that.

The driver drove off Zades' stones when he went to the right side of his left-handed carriage outside his / her vehicle; And he was driving down the downhill because of an unidentified reason. In this section, the road is not protected by fence, he explained the Nova Gorica Public Utility Company. The carriage was standing on the side of a castaway forest that bends against her; tree tree after about 250 meters near one of the houses in Zadlaz. The 64-year-old driver was not aware of about 50 meters by car.

At the end, members of the Nova Gorica Nova Gorica mountain policing unit were also moved by local firefighters and members of the Tolmin Rescue Service. A damaged driver was taken to the road where he was transferred and NPM ZD Tolmin supported him. It was taken to more healing at Hempstead Hospital.

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