A car driver who dies on a & # 39; fuel on A2


A 43-year-old driver saw a truck column on the A2 on Friday evening and moved to the front. He died at the crash site.

On Friday, the A2 was killed in Göschenen. In a short time before 17 hours he threw a driver with Zurich tax tickets at a train ticino train. He died at the time of the disaster, giving information to the Polish poets.

The man went south. In the Galerie Schöni area, a number of truck drivers had to bring their vehicles forward as a result of Göschenen's level of assessment. This detected that the pW was too late and came to fight.

Bloody 43-year-old suffers the heaviest slopes. The truck driver is going to medical treatment alone.

The A2 road was closed while it was & # 39; Knowing and Rehabilitation in South Travel for about three hours.

As a result of the accident, there were some 40,000 francs. (Man)

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