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A case of brain fever that was recorded in Samic of Eldorado
fear in the community, especially in the northern area of ​​Misiones, and he spent it
instead of a recycling consultation regarding vaccination
in the primary health care centers (captain) as well as
in hospitals. The answer was not very encouraging: the Nation does not keep it; go
by drowsiness, and as a result he was missing
The very difficult situation is to think that brain fever is possible
disability or even fatal product. It is a
blasting of the minerals, the protection leaflets there
brain. Especially due to its complexity in the psychology, from 2015
Argentina included a vaccine into the National Vaccine Calendar
The face of the germs that cause the disease, called meningococcus.
"Not only in February 2019 that is spreading
vaccine against brain fever, "El Territorio reinforced
Divisional Public Health Ministry. Although last August,
Nation agreed to stop strengthening it in 11-year-old boys. promise that
It would be in babies from three to fifteen months.
Realization is far from the beginning. In San Pedro, for example,
For two weeks ago there was no vaccine in the district hospital and during
The last few days came a little.
At this time, official wells say they have a dose
least and do not know the reason for delay
Health Ministry led by Adolfo Rubinstein. Other Data
This agreement is that today the truck would come to Misiones
Despite that, they did not reach them
meet the demand of the population. "When the vaccines come,
be brought back to the main immunization centers
in the hospitals of the different towns, not in the Caps ",
they identified
The positively declared creature for Neisseria meningitidis (meningococcus)
She is two months old and will be admitted to hospital in Eldorado
has two months
The patient surveys, which were provided by medical sources,
They said that there is a type of meningococcus in B (usually considered), which has
no pressure is included in a free vaccine. The calendar
The Argentine officer, in fact, has a direct defense against four of the five
Seotars (A, C, W, Y) in which the bacteria are. But, a pharmacist
have a Bexser vaccine, to attack a type of meningococcus, which is
It costs a cost of 2,800 pesos.

Nothing else on Nation

Lack of vaccine against brain fever produces other failure in the & # 39;
national health system. A few months ago, at the meeting
Federal Health Council (Cofesa), Nation prescribed irregularly
eliminate engine reinforcement in 11 year olds
The measure will respond to the direction that was opposed to the department.
Missions are only one that is estimated to have between 22 and 25,000 children left
without protection.
Local health minister Walter Villalba had said
Once a decision was made to the national government: "It is
They decided to restore the second dose, which will go to 11 years,
status of the carrier in the moment; this is part of the cuts. "An
There was a change in sustainable health this year, whether it was
Community Medical Program or how to remove the Remediar plan.
Her vaccine, from the commercial name of Menveo, went into the calendar last year
national, essential and free cooperation for two groups: babies a
from three months (up to fifteen feet) and
under 11 years. Although there is a choice that is adversely affected
context of cost cuts, talk about health conditions
very complex
"Everything that makes the vaccine complicated schemes Stopping it
an immune disease can increase the risk of contracting
disease. "


Beanntan: Although in August, the Nation finally hung on strengthening them
11 year olds, have been sure that the pain would be for their group
Risk that is considered between 3 and 15 months.

New dirt fragment: It is expected to reach today's day
New stock with the vaccines that can not be re-assigned but with its vaccine
main salmon centers from Monday.

Gratuity: Her vaccine was introduced into the National Calendar of
Vaccination in 2015. It's a free application; and it is not necessary
medical order


The disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria meningitidis
(meningococcus) can create a very bad illness that may occur
such as brain fever, bacteremia, sepsis and meningocochemia, are at risk
Dose and unlocked sequelae, most of the major diseases. Between
10% and 20% of cases have a hearing loss,
tenancies, hydrocephalus, neurological medicine delay, rationing
of the genes and fish that require surrender, and death.
Invasive meningococcal disease (EMI) represents a problem
Public health for many countries in the world, where 500,000 are made
Annual issues that affect children under two (2) years of age
of age 100% of those cases need hospitalization and their needs. to continue
50,000 deaths annually for this purpose.
In Argentina, there are between 200 and 300 cases recorded annually. The level of
There are national accounts of 0.75 cases / 100,000 residents.
100% of the hospital issues need. This bad illness
It dies 10%. Every year, 15 to 20 children die for this
disease. The biggest age group is at risk of this & # 39; including
under 5 years, most 12 months.

The dose costs 3,400 pesos in medicationsFrom the Scottish College
Misiones pharmaceuticals identified the medication of medicine
Menactra vaccine, which is designated for children of nine months. "It's a bit
face, but it has been achieved and many social works are broadcast ",
He held a conversation with El Territorio Patricio Schiavo, president of Scotland
In a visit through the Posadas site it was possible to show that
vaccine in a question, for the age group that is now uninhabited,
It will cost 3,400 pesos.
On the other hand, although the release of the free release was suspended
In the face of brain fever, in the private sector there is a stock for them
Target population, with a rate of around 2,300 pesos. And it covers four
"In the pharmacies there are two vaccines: the Menveo, which comes out of 2,300 pesos and
There is a 100 per cent broadcast in the case of some social works
not discounted, depending on the prepayment; and there is another one for a
Seotype different, known as Bexsero. That covers a lot of the serotype
more aggressive and that costs about 2,800 pesos less or less, "he explained
Schiavo, gradually commenting on strengthening his & her; vaccine.
In short, the decision to make changes in a calendar
vaccine is just something to beat your main care
The Argentine and Epidemiology Vaccine Association (Sàbhail)
declare a statement without denying the amount of it
National Government "Immunization is a primary ban ban
state policy established in our country
Including uncertain results in a & # 39; restricted
diseases, "warned them.

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