A chat conversation is Viberu a & # 39; bringing together brands and fanad Marketing Press releases


Boots often use conversation with key companies or organizations in the world to connect to their fans. These are computer programs that contain simple communication instructions. Viber works with thousands of conversation bottles that will cover the coverage of different fields and new ones.

As a new way of communicating with users and users, Viberu's conversation booths can communicate with people at a personal level and users.

The reason is to increase the shoe of global boots in the use of communications applications. Surveys show that more than 66% of people are experiencing Using the message app for business communications or notifications too.

Viber works with thousands of conversation bottles that cover different domains. Whether the interests of the users relate to sports topics, music festivals, environmental protection, cooking, fashion or anything else, simply log in to the selected box to find out what they need, get advice or get independent information.

Currently Viber offers three new conversation boots. Forksy is the first one, who is a Helps the user eat healthy while it's a & n; look at her calories.

Just by writing just what you eat or drink, Forksy can work out calories, but also advise nutrition in some foods. He even even sends his button to a more appropriate option. In addition, Forksy's bottle shows users detailed details of everyday food that is in a position; including calories and all foods they eat. He helps them to observe everything they eat every day, and finally they will be able to look at everything they eat every day. lose weight if their goal is.

The other goat is the Bar Boots. Last year, the FC Barcelona and Rakuten, Viber's main company, published a joint partnership by Viber's official communications channel for FC Barcelona. Viberu gave the opportunity to introduce bands to Barca and set up prize games.

The Official Boat Boat allows you to give the final result before each game, vote for your hero, collect points and win awards. Each month, one player receives the title "Barca fan of the month" and one of the prices.

The third is a Tech Talk. By checking its & # 39; This shoe allows users to have a regular view of games and news stories, but also for example, information about download apps or other shoes. They can even select the types of messages they want to choose.

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