A check can be shown to avoid & # 39; astute if obesity is abolished


A check can be shown to avoid & # 39; astute if obesity is abolished
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According to an investigation conducted by the Nemours Child Health System, 10% of pediatric cases could be avoided if the abduction of childhood obesity.

Now published in & # 39; American Pediatric Academy, researchers surveyed over 500,000 children and are among the first ones to be in a position; use of PEDSnet resources, a multi-specialist web that explores visual examinations and clinical tests over eight of the largest health systems in the country. The study found that obesity is more likely to increase the chance to & # 39; happening on the patented acute.

The high risk of a child's parent

Terri Finkel, MD, PhD, a science chief of Nemours' Children's Hospital in Orlando, USA, explains: "Asthma asthma is one of the most common situations in youth and its # 39; at a high cost for patients, families and the wider health system. There are very few hazards that can be reduced to acne, but our data shows that childhood obesity reduction can greatly reduce the health burden of its ".
"Child obesity should be a priority to help improve the quality of children's lives and help reduce the acceleration . "

In their study, researchers found that the number of people with asthma diagnosis in children with obesity was significantly higher than children in a normal normal range and 23% – 27 % of new cases of bone in children with obesity are marked directly to obesity.

In addition, obesity among children with asthma is likely to increase the increase in disease. It was too severe to see it as a result of a gradual risk for asthma, and the society was reduced when it was use tightest definition of asthma.

How difficult the relationship between obesity and asthma is

Approximately 6 to 8 million cases of parenting parents are only reported in the United States, and research data suggests that those who are overweight and obesity can be caused directly 1 million cases of asthma in children, and at least 10% of all cases in the US can not be avoided without prejudice and obesity.

In addition, although the study includes data from a large number of children, diverse across the region, rural children may not be represented in a the result of this particular study.

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