A check will ensure that video games are & # 39; developing mental skills


New survey, published by the magazine Nature played by Diankun Gong, Hui He, Dongbo Liu, Weiyi Ma, Li Dong, Cheng Luo and Dezhong Yao from University of Chinese Electricity and Technology Studies, has launched new evidence and marks Playbooks will help develop mental skills and revitalize green material. According to researchers and scientists who have signed up to this new survey, video games at this stage will be more appealing advantageous of what is first created in our brain.

Develop neuronal connections and make it more acute

The results show how the consistent and sensible use of video games is capable of increasing the level of green material In our brain, help us to achieve complex processes faster and more efficiently. The inspection was published Nature It was made in two groups of people divided into experts in video games and incidental players. All the experts were selected through eSports teams that have participated in national and international videogame competitions as League of Storytelling and Dote 2, although there was a normal but intense way of video games for casual users.

The two groups, created by 30 people, have been under experiments and arrangements for several months to obtain concrete results, and according to their own researchers, more benefits were found than expected first. The scientists team focuses on a very special section of the brain, what is known as this island crtex, a large part, which is related to the person's language processes and other important elements of our day, such as emotions and feelings, and other aspects related to smell, taste or even the need for food and water.

A check to ensure that video games are & # 39; developing portrait 2 mental abilities

This study, and through three-dimensional photographs and scanners, will have shown that a professional player card at Better links stronger and better and a larger browser index. This case, which is in particular a & # 39; definition and control of any action on our brain, much closer and more in a person who loves video games than the one that does not; continuous handling. That's right, everything is not so easy. It has also shown that videogame sessions are not very useful and are able to make us more skilled in other activities if we can not guide the time we spend on the screen.

Experts from eSports and regular players participated in the study

In this regard, a year ago, the World Health Organization o OMS recognizes that it is difficult for video games to be a mental problem, something that translates a minute as the first major step in which it is. happening in a health environment in terms of digital spirits. The only authors of the survey show that these professional players are able to; go routine activities and customs in literal athletes, which can be translated as a training, something that divides it from a normal or non-ruling game or more likely to be used by other users. This new, deeply international, new study, comes when video games are again listed as violence.

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