A child without a body needs to do a BCG vaccine, says a ministry


Children who do not have a vaccine do not need to have a measure of wear – called BCG – need to be reputed. The proposal was published today (5) by the Ministry of Health and is responsible for the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Technical Advisory Committee on Immunizations.

The notebook gave note that surveys have also proven efficacy and vaccine effectiveness in non-disabled children; get scary after the application. The guidelines, according to federal rule, were sent to the states and towns on Friday (1st).


According to a Ministry, BCG is a key way to stop its & # 39; spent in children, is offered free of charge in the United Health System (SUS). The dose should be taken at birth, in a mother's ward, or at the first time of his / her; child to the health service as early as possible.

A vaccine is also available in the normalization of services for under 5s and protect against the poor form of the disease, such as miliary and banana infection.


Dating data shows that the BCG is one of the largest doses in Brazil today. In 2017, its 96.2% cover vaccine recorded across the country – above what is recommended by its & # 39; ministry, at least 90%.

In previous years, the rate has exceeded 100%, with 107.94% in 2011; 105.7% in 2012; 107.42% in 2013; 107.28% in 2014; and 105.08% in 2015.

"The managers are up to April to update the local Immunization Program Information System (SIPNI), but startup information already has a broadcast in 2018 of 87.5%."

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