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While he was & # 39; 34-year-old Klagenfurter home, the police took pictures of hundreds of children showing sexual activities. Sometimes the girls who are shown are only three years old. The suspect was working as a childminder.

European researchers informed the Federal Criminal Police Office, this gave Klagenfurt colleagues out to take a closer look at the person. The IP address of your computer has an awareness of appropriate sex pages. The police decided for weeks, Chief Inspector Richard Pikl from Klagenfurt's home police order. The person was responsible for curiosity.

Inspectors: Aggression in the work is not known

The collection of photographs of genetic abuse of children from South America, Thailand and other Asian countries, has been completed to a few months ago as a childminder. He should have stopped his work. According to the inspectors, there is no connection. The investigators got the search to print pictures and videos of hundreds of children. The person should have collected 3,000 to 5,000 files in the last four years.

Files passed

Pikl said that the officers needed a special distance, but it's not easy to watch such stuff. The researchers do not close that they have created relevant images, but it has sent files to other platforms. The man is still bigger.

Researchers hope to affect each other, but they will not harm: The children's pornagan business is similar to hydra – if you hit your head, grow three new. It is also almost impossible to capture the agents. Those who suspect suspects up to three years will be imprisoned in a lawsuit. However, according to the researcher, the term is usually not to be placed on offenders first time. So far, the 34-year-old is no longer.

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