A collection of "yellow banners" will be held in Brussels on November 30 announcing the police


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A collection of "yellow caterpillars" will be held in Brussels on November 30, confirmed Monday afternoon, the capital spokesman of Brussels Brussels-Ixelles Ilse Van de Keere for the Belgian Group, following a meeting between the organizers of the event organizers.

The march will meet in Chinquantenaire from 12:00 a.m. and start at 13:00 p.m. to Rue de la Loi. passing the Schuman roadway.

A representative of "yellow betting" should be obtained by President Charles Michel, by the policing spokesman.

The police in Brussels now have & # 39; warns drivers to avoid a & # 39; As big community as possible as Friday and public transport, supporting Ilse Van de Keere.

Indeed, as far as the southern part of the country, the movement of the "Belgian yellow" is a Belgian, inspired by France, which has declined on its own. believed to increase the cost of life and fuel, it seems to expand slightly to Flanders.

So yellow business guides take action from 16:00 in the middle of Genk. Presentations will also be scheduled tomorrow / Tuesday in Hasselt and Herentals before scheduled to take place on Saturday and expected to be held in different locations in the Limburg department.

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