A comedy is brought in front of the Spanish justice after his nose was swept with his flag. Society


A Spanish actor who was before a Monday judge after being convicted "Crimes or disagreements for Spanish symbols" wanted to blow with the country banner during television.

"As a citizen of this country, I am worried because we are attentive to a judge for his job and this is very disturbing because of the fact that, image that he will give over my country and my banner, "said the actor as reporters. Dani Mateo when he left the listeners.

A judge of the Madrid court entered into the complaint that the police union opposed.

In the controversial situation, broadcasting in an amusing program of great audience on the channel The sixth By the end of October, Dani Mateo began to tighten her and her. grind his nose with the Spanish flag.

Just then he sang a series of apologies by ironing, saying he did not want to "offend the Spaniards or the king, much less than the Chinese who sell these hens."

"The banner symbolizes the integration of humans. Be respected Not doing this is not funny, it is free of charge to those who are considered it. greatly and those who are in their lives and their efforts to attack the values ​​of peace and freedom that he represents, "they arrested his & her;

Many Spanish translators, performers and artists have been persistent in the last few years for their statements, their sights or the words they have on their songs , The creating a lively debate in the country on freedom of expression.

The same Dani Mateo has already come to give evidence before a judge for a crime convicted to finally endorsed religious emotions to mistreat the disgrace of the cross mammoth who is the crowning mausoleum of the fame Francisco Franco near Madrid.

Like another soundtrack on the Valtonyc rapper, he fled to Belgium at the end of his death; May after the death of three and a half years imprisoned for "excuse of terrorism" in their songs. Spain claims that it has gone over

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