A comfortable game, free trial by offering a free zombie game for a short time ~ "Windows 10 19H 1" Tog 18334


"Windows 10 19H1" Tog 18334

Microsoft "Windows 10 Insider Preview" Tog 18334 (19H1) released on 8 February (local time) for users who entered the "Fast" program of "Windows Insider Program". In this building, technology specializing in game play is included. To prove this, a permanent "State of Decay" zombie game is provided free of charge.

To get "State of Decay", you need "Xbox gamertag" and "Xbox Insider Hub". If you still do not have "your Xbox gamertags", sign in to "account.xbox.com" with "Microsoft Account" and create "Xbox account". When signing up for the "Xbox Insider Hub" application with "Xbox gamertag", "State of Decay" appears in "Inside Content".

To play "State of Decay", you need to "Build 8329 or better" Windows 10 19H1. "There are no opportunities for a limited time. Also, it has been confirmed that games do not work with the device Check out "BattleEye" (such as "Fortnite" and "BATTLEGROUNDS PLAYERUNNNNNNN S SATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG)") in this proposal. A company will cooperate with the developer to solve the & # 39; question, but users who play these games should be better updated.

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