A company that has been the largest bankruptcy in Brazil to market star


Now there are 4 purchases, 1 holdings and 3 sales in Oi's common stock.

Two years and a half after he asked the largest legal review in Brazil, Oi SA seems to be back in fashion among telecommunications analysts.

Itau BBA, Bradesco BBI and BTG Pactual are some of the brokers that recently gave them an agreement on the sections, since the telecommunications operator based in Rio de Janeiro decides the capital increase of 4,000 million reais, which was the last step of his huge debt restructuring.

"We are now seeing a decisive relationship with a non-measurable award after capital gains and a government's choice of reform," wrote the researchers called Fred Mendes in the brake unit at Banco Bradesco, in a note dated 5 May. February, since they have done Oi's best and more. exceeded the neutral level.

The activity is part of the BTG Pactual praise portals in Brazil. "Its company has just completed its final phase of its rehabilitation plan and needs to increase capital spending again," said Carlos Sequeira, head of capital research for Latin America, in an interview . "It's a special and dangerous decision, but we believe that the activities are free and may have a big increase," said Sequeira.

There are now 4 purchases, 1 maintenance and 3 sales proposals, with an average price of 12 months of 1.90 reais, which represents an increase of approximately 34%, according to data compiled by Bloomberg .

The operator of the largest fiber network in Brazil worked hard to get some new confidence. The fierce fighting between creditors and shareholders to restructure of $ 19,000 million in debt involving major players in the world of debt debts such as Aurelius Capital Management and BlackRock Inc. , decisions on & # 39; board, position of office with several C-level agencies and prohibiting the rights of some of his shareholders. As a result, the largest mediation process came to the world, so the company could settle with no less than 55,000 credits.

Oi has recently been employed on Boston Consulting Group to assist in the review of its strategy, American Bank Merrill Lynch for the evaluation of financial sales or other trade opportunities and Oliver Wyman to support its capital regime plan, which Including Focus on extension to a needle fiber network and 4G broadcast. The goal is to create a talented team to help guide you to find out the next steps as you can; company who gets rid of their debts.

The expected expectations of a bill that help to & # 39; The modernization of the Brazilian telecommunications department, after last year's president and president elections, also has a level development for Oi. The company operates under a regulated license that is means that it has to keep up-to-line network networks and banned from a & # 39; Sale of assets such as estate and hardware, even if there is no need for more services.

Its new communications bill would endorse 880 million reais operating cost (about US $ 234 million) for Oi, according to Mendes, of Bradesco, as well as being able to sell assets and simplify the corporate structure .

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