A compensatory clinician needs to be paid for a patient's enforcement


The Court Appeals Court Santiago sent to Santa María's Clinic to pay a total compensation of $ 1,546,246 for its disrepute activity when they leave surrender in a different patient level got hysterectomy.

In a unanimous decision, the Fourth Chamber of the court of appeal lodged the fierce decision, which was issued by the Third Ten Civil Court of Santiago, who rejected the claim, according to its # 39; Judge.

"There is no debate compress was inserted inside the complainant's body without being found with those who have to do, remember that, in accordance with the provisions of Article 1547 of the Civil Code, a contractual contract breach has been deemed guilty and needs diligence or care; It could not be used, in this case, "said the management.

"That is then contractual bankruptcy on behalf of Clínica Santa María S.A. to the duties that the hospital contract provides, according to what she herself recognizes, according to the previous body, she would have her duties, "the regulation ends.

The sentence is divided between $ 546,246 for damages rising above and $ 1,000,000 for moral damage.

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