A couple have been dying side by side in bed


MICHELLE Avila and Christian Kent were young, in love and were loyal to climb.

One night they came home from a party, Michelle asked her parents a good night and went to bed.

But what happened next thing the family left and their friends were very tough.

When Michelle's mother went out to look at her couple she found them dead in Michelle's bed.

According to police, the two, who were famous for warm-hearted locks and "perfect" relationships, from poor drug drugs on 14 October – a tailorable month on Michelle's 24th birthday.

Their incredible deaths are the increasingly growing problem in the rich beach of the Orange County beach in southern California.

Michelle Paulo's father looked for Avila's daughter's room to know that she was a drug user and did not find any, Orange Home Register recited.

He said, deafly, that he was the only reason he got strength to talk about their ideology to let other parents know "their children are not safe. "

Michelle Avila, 23, and Christian Kent, 20, died from pre-eight drugs. Picture: Facebook

Michelle Avila, 23, and Christian Kent, 20, died from pre-eight drugs. Picture: Facebook

Michelle and Christian both had been ill with cold and were antibiotics. Michelle did not drink because she was not sick.

According to the parents of Michelle, he was not a big party party; There, instead of choosing to go to # 39; spending his time with Christian and their close friends team in the Beach Beach area.

After they came home at 12.30am, Michelle was praying for her mother a good night and put out clothes for a 6m shift at the Beach Beach coffee shop where she worked.

Michelle has also written notes clearly in memory: "Study for geo. Work on your lecture. Christian Love."

For the family and their friends, the couple looked together as they had just stepped out of magazine pages.

When her mother Adriana Avila came home from work at 4pm this awful day, she got the two killed in the bed.

"Two beautiful children," said Mr Avila to Coast Report Online. "It seemed like Romeo and Juliet. They died with each other and they mocked each other."

It takes months for Michelle and Christian toxicology statements to be filled, but Mr Avila is now sure they have died from drug roots after talking to police and experts.

But he said Register of the estate he has more questions than the answers.

"What happened to those children?" he asked. "What did they do? What happened to get to that point?"

Michelle Avila, 23, and Christian Kent, 20. Photograph: Facebook

Michelle Avila, 23, and Christian Kent, 20. Photograph: Facebook

Michelle's parents moved their daughters to Newport Beach when they were young, and think it would be a safer place for their girls than Los Angeles, reporting The Daily Mail.

Michelle, 23, and Christian, 20, fell in love with her, and went back for about a year.

"It's saddened how two souls can connect so deeply and quickly … he can not wait to make some extra memories," Michelle wrote on social media in August, when a Christian across the college.

"Nowadays I have to wait quietly now, to my friend and partner in crime," she wrote.

"I remember the day you came into my work, I caught up with those eyes and asked me my number. You got me at the right time, and life is on be the only hell on a trip from!

"It's saddened how two souls can bind it so deeply and as soon as you are. You're so special and tidy and kill it in the university!"

Michelle was a star student, and when he received a letter from President George W. Bush to honor, Orange Home Register recited.

She was happy to travel, having spent the last few years in Bali, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Japan and Brazil before she began modulation and communication.

Michelle's father told her that she was a journalist.

"She was going to follow her sister," he said. "She likes to write, she likes to write, she loved a lecture."

A Christian, which grew up in Newport, was converted from days set out to catch long, long white hair, hitting his broad shoulders, reciting the local publishing.

In a local online publishing, What Youth, read a recommendation:

"A beautiful Christian and sweetheart, Michelle Avila, was found inappropriate at home at weekends at Huntington Beach.

"We finally saw them at our last past month or so back. In love, happiness and at home. His death has been roughly hard."

His close friend Andeaux Borunda referred to as a "real" soul who was always in giving help "in times of concern".

"In the instances when you were feeling that the world was spun back, it would help you move on," wrote Brounda on What Youth.

Friends thought that the couple were very good. Picture: Facebook

Friends thought that the couple were very good. Picture: Facebook

"He built on the blue blue blue Volkswagen Squareback. The girls would be a whiskey, and he would be drinking back. So he released more problems than he was . He was "The Boy Boy. "

"At his house he sat down and played a beautiful, warm Stratocaster who had fingers that could tell a million stories." He was the guitar. "

Their relatives are now left to write to the couple.

"I wish you can tell you how hard it was," Michelle's sister Nicole wrote on what would have been the 24th birthday her.

Mr Avila can not help her but herself for her daughter's death.

"You should be aware of what God gave you, and it was God's gift," he said Orange Home RegisterThe "That's what I eat, from inside. How do you miss me? It just spoils it."

An analysis released last year by the Orange Health Organization reported that the death of carbon movements increased by 88 per cent between 2000 and 2015, with almost half of deaths due to accidental accidental drug abuse.

There were 1,711,809 orders for opioids in 2015, according to Alcohol Drugs Advisory Board.

The GoFundMe page was set up for Michelle, which has been raised to date over $ 7000, which her father hopes to use for a program that educates young people about drug use.

"My mission is to send a message," said Mr Avila. "To show how beautiful a person is going through something like that. You are protected by anything."

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