A court proves that Curitiba is in a position; judge for Moro's place in Lava Jato


CURITIBA, PR, AND SO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – The federal judge Luiz Antonio Bonat has been confirmed as a Judge Judge Sergio Moro in Lava Jato's proceedings in Paraná.

The TRF (Regional Federal Court) agreement of the 4th Department unanimously voiced the process to be a " removing Bonat for the 13th Federal Curitiba Court on Friday (8).

The process will now be forwarded to the TRF trustees, which sets out the start of a new judge. As Bonat replaces a federal judge in the TRF until the 19th century, it is expected that only after the Force Court was taken.

Through the advice of Federal Justice, he explained that he encouraged him and said he worked in criminal matters during his part. "This has been an interest in the case and it was fundamental to decide to apply for a job to open up by leaving his / her current minister's mask, Sergio Moro. "

In relation to Lava Jato, Bonat said he did not reveal himself in the case files, as was the case in his work; before. "The principle of evaluating evaluative actions, which is a fundamental warranty of justice, will be respected, carefully, to matters that require confidentiality," he said.

For 25 years of masters, Bonat is the oldest judge of the Federal Court of the 4th Division and is currently working in social security issues at the 21st Federal Court of Curitiba.

When executed in federal criminal cases, he directed some cases of Banestado case, a cleaning scheme and a ban on foreign exchange that was one of Moro's major issues.

He went up to Bonat to make some of the first decisions about complaints against the state's bank directors, who were prosecuted from financial crimes and unpaid management, in the late 1990s.

The judge, at the time of the 3rd Federal Court in Curitiba, at least 18 who was suspected in connection with the scheme, and even made a question with the old ruler of Sergipe João Alves Filho (who was alleged that it would benefit from millions of dollars of the bank) in 2000.

Alves Filho received a favorable decision from the STJ (High Court and Justice), who thought that his / her own behaviors were not separate; complaint, and closed the suit. The case is closed.

Bonat also made another politician, current consultant at the Paraná Audit Court, Durval Amaral, who is also a defense. At that time, the master's judge was convicted of the TRF, and was a complaint reporter who subsequently applied for the receipt of funding in Banestado by the applicant; brilliant duplication.

For this, the play showed "there is evidence that there are points, theory, crime and authority."

Amaral always reported the crime, said he did not have the duplication and paid the debts. It became a framework of crime stelionato with the TRF, but, in the same decision, was punished to be extinct, since the crime was prescrevera. The archive file was uploaded.

Before a more out-of-the-face situation, Bonat became a judge in Foz do Iguaçu (PR), in the Trì Trìtheil, where he attempted smuggling and international traffic issues .

"The boundaries between the states are not the obstacles as well as criminal actions," he wrote in a book that was published 15 years ago. "This means that the states also seek other ways of tackling new, virtually active, structured crime in complex groups."

The book, which Bonat is the author, deserves "Import and Export in Brazilian Law". The court was responsible for the & # 39; chapter on crimes related to foreign trade – in which it also speaks of pollution and glacier, and identifying the need for international collaboration among research bodies.

However, financial crimes that directly affect the economy and national interests, adversely affect the population.

The schoolmaster does not give up his pen to talk about white-haired criminals: "This organized crime, known as a white woodland, is made up of people of a high cultural level , integrated into the most respected social circles, […] crime prevention has a serious abusive potential for society, from which it works; contributing to the suffering of the population, before the resources are repeated in food, health, housing, sanitation, for the benefit of the community, especially those who need it. "

In the play, Bonat also reports on the Italian judge Giovanni Falcone, who is responsible for Operation Clean Hands, who fought in Mhafia in Italy and is regarded as incentive for Lava Jato.

Now, he will have to face 40 ongoing issues of Lava Jato, including a man in charge of the defendant of the former president of Lula.

The PT again was sentenced to Lava Jato this week in a sentence given by Judge Gabriela Hardt. The masters took over action by leaving Sergio Moro, last November.

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