A court who declined Bendtner's claim – 50 days in prison is convicted of: A & # 39; first interactive multi-media site, MMC RTV Slovenija


Nicklas Bendtner sent 30 visits to 81 matches in Denmark. Picture: Reuters

He did not play at this year's Mundial

November 21, 2018 at 19:20
Copenhagen – MMC RTV SLO, STA

A court in Copenhagen has banished the Danish nationalist appeal Nicklas Bendtner and declared his imprisonment for 50 days to hit a taxi driver in September, trout breach.

His first Juventus and Arsenal football player, who is now a member of Rosenborg, said he was working in self-defense, but he did not believe it; court.

"Nicklas agrees with the court's decision, but accepted the sentence. He wants an example to be left behind and be devolved to football and family"said lawyer, Anders Nemeth, who was unable to explain when the football player was attending sentence or even imprisoned. Denmark, criminals for less than six months imprisonment can be involved in housekeeping.

Bendtner played 81 matches and won 30 visitors to this year's World Championships in Russia, where Denmark 5: 1 climbed over Ireland (the aim for Bendtner was just his final prize for the final result), the hurt to play South-

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