A crazy motorcycle engine has a vacuum helicopter engine and a wheel. Sometimes, however, they're going on – VTM.cz


TMC Dumont is a motorcycle that is attractive to design, performance and technical solutions. It is an active prototype designed by Tarso Marquez, Formula 1 pilot. before. This supportive banner is technically and reliably now involved in changing cars and motorcycles.

A motorcycle "36" diameter is a central part, with wings wings that move the edge with low cover, no glory in terms of humidity or driving features, but from a visual perspective it is a real solution.

Just as impressive is the drive unit. Rolls-Royce's six-cylinder machine used in helicopters. It has 300 horses and a loud noise.

The concept was presented last year and it is now successful on a variety of displays. This technical creation is remarkable to be very active. However, it is only safe for riders behind enough enough because the end result has been dangerously close to the saddle. More from the images in the gallery above.

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