A daily woman was a bare, bare search and with signs that was run in La Pintana Nàiseanta


An adult was found a woman abandoned in a public domain in a society The Pintana, in a case where he has not been denied that they even run after the invasion.

He was in Fresia Street at 2020, where the woman had a neighbor appeared with many wounds and low signage is essential. The victim was abandoned on the side of the rural road, and died in the place near 8:00 a.m.

The commissioner Angel Jaque, of the PDI Handwriting Body, explained that they investigate to identify the person's identity, as he did not accept any advance that would allow him to recognize. She is a woman aged between 36 and 44. "We are in a beginner of the research," he recognizes.

But Mary, who's a? staying meters from the place to find a woman, who was long & he was hydraulic in his garden aware of the victim's presence, and trying to help him before they come out of crisis. Despite the efforts, he died in the place. "They opposed me", it would have been said shortly before he died, according to the evidence.

A woman with serious injuries was found on her body, out the idea he has attacked him after being on the roadside. The PDI is seeking, through the few remaining evidence in the area, to find the person or people who are responsible for this crime.

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