A dead woman caught a fishing net, her husband lost when he was living on the sea


Wednesday 28/11/2013 07:00 AM (GMT + 7)

After returning to the mainland, some are going to fish on a & # 39; sea. The man and his wife Truong Dinh Hai are not seen in Thanh Hoa where they found the fire that a dead woman had caught in the fishing net, and her husband lost.

On the afternoon of November 27, with Le Trong Tan, Commune Hoang Trung Police Commander, Hoang Hoa district, Thanh Hoa division, two fishermen in the area confirmed just falling after fishing; sea. His wife is dead, and the man is missing.

Beginning information, about 3m on November 27, Mr Truong Dinh Hai (SN 1976) and Ms. Le Thi Le (SN 1978, resident in Lien Minh City, Commune Hoang Truong) and some other fishermen The sea is about eight miles away from the seashore.

By 12 noon on the same day, the onshore fishermen will return. But when Hai, friends and many fishermen do not see her with her, a delegation through the walkie talkie and the phone but can not contact you.

Perhaps not, the fishermen have returned to the fishing area, they saw Mr Hai or two who moved on to her; The sea is still under the sea. People organized research, drag the net up to the fire to find out the death of Le in the network, Hai does not see where.

Although Hoang Truong's fisherman tried to find it, but until 19 on the same day, Mr Hai's remains remain sound.

At this time, the case is co-ordinated by local authorities with Hoang Hoa district police station, Hoang Truong boundary station (located in Hoang Truong) and fishermen Continue to find Mr Truong Dinh Hai and clarify. human.

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