A deep acer in the pen market, Guanghua Mall opened 3 home appliances competition stores.钜 亨 网 – Taiwan stock news


Acer (2353-TW) held a news conference before the Month of Information today (22) and presented the new logo "Predator Predator" in the exhibition. General Manager Hou Zhiyuan said this month of information will aim to complete its format. The department's e-sports source will first start to expand at least three special stores in the Guanghua Shopping Center, and will shape the shape of the field industry.

Hou Zhiyuan said the ease of movement of e-sports, and Acer is also hosting business opportunities. This time, Acer's e-sports product line, including the production lines of Streamline and Nitro notes books, is included in the board device, screen screens and e-mail. There are also many advances in the results, as well as an export service, so that users can complete full-stop knowledge of one-stop service.

At this time, Acer launched the E-sports Predator Predator bumblebee. Recently, the prehistoric PChome project was offered during the 11th dual. At that time, the red plane was opened, and the official sale began. Acer is sure to get good results.

Hou Zhiyuan also stated that he would cooperate with Zhisheng in the months to launch the VR e-sport events, and # 39; strengthen the format, and then launch more e-sports items to attack the market.

As well as Predator predators, Acer also produced thin Swift notes and a nitro rup pencil. Hou Zhiyuan explained that the management of the materials was sold and more appropriate to future users, based on market demand.

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